Park and Recreation Planning Consultants

Our professional careers as practitioners, administrators and Why II Earthplan planners in parks and recreation have given us a very good life.

Sharing the keys with others and making a difference gives us great satisfaction.  This is what defines us.  This is why we do what we do.

  • We believe public parks and recreation are essential to a thriving community.

  • Parks above all things provide a quality of life engine that exemplifies the good things government can offer.

  • We want to help providers ensure a sustained future by making things practical, safe, accessible and actionable.

  • We respect tradition while simultaneously embracing innovation

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EARTHPLAN has provided extensive park and recreation planning services throughout Indiana; for cities, towns, counties, townships and quasi-public agencies.

All 5-year master plan documents required by the IDNR have been unconditionally approved by the Division of Outdoor Recreation.

When project support expertise is appropriate, Earthplan has formed relationships with outstanding Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Design, and Business Development firms.  These colleague firms are excellent in their respective disciplines.

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BOB ARNOLD, Founding Partner:  Parks and Leisure Services have beenBob and Jer Transparent-3 Bob’s life for over 55-years.  His experience has spanned administration, management and the planning-development of scores of parks and park facilities.


JERRY BYANSKI, Founding Partner:  Jerry is a creative planner and administrator who has been supervising the planning, construction and maintenance of parks and park facilities for over 45-years.

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Our 90+ years of combined experience in park and property management, design and hands-on operations is the value-added Earthplan LLCdimension provided for each and every project. 

Even the exciting, visionary projects must be thoroughly analyzed for durability. Is there sufficient revenue stream to sustain the project/operation?

We believe these questions must be asked, and answered, before embarking on any new enterprise.  Our resources can provide expert business analyses for any proposed project.  We look forward to sharing those experiences with you.


“Government is not a business, but there’s
reason it can’t be be run like one.”
– Robert Arnold

Earthplan LLC